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Step #1: Select Your Move Type
Select Permanent if you have no plans to move back to your old address or will be at this address for more than 6 months. (Most Moves)

Currently, we are unable to process Temporary moves.
Step #2: Who is Moving?
Select Individual if you are the only one moving.

Select Family if you move with your family.
Step #3: Enter Your Old Address
Step #4: Enter Date to Begin Forwarding Mail
Step #5: Enter Your New Address
Step #6: Your Info
You agree that you are a United States resident over the age of 18 and agree to the terms & conditions and privacy policy. By submitting this form, you agree to the following: I hereby swear and affirm that I am the person, executor, power of attorney, guardian, authorized officer, or agent of the person for whom mail would be forwarded by the United States Postal Service Under this order. Anyone submitting false or inaccurate information on this form is subject to punishment by fine or imprisonment or both under sections 2, 1001, 1702, and 1708 of title 18, United States Code. I authorize to file on my behalf an official US Mail Forwarding Change of Address form to forward my mail from the old address to my new address listed on this form with USPS.

STEP 1: Answer the Questions

Answer a few quick questions about your move to ensure all your mail gets forwarded properly.

STEP 2: Enter Your New Address

Enter your new address information and date you want the move to start on the following pages.

STEP 3: Get Extra Savings

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About Our Service: Our website provides a fast and simple solution that offers first-class moving assistance services online to consumers and business customers that are relocating on a permanent basis. Our services include in addition to submission of change of address request to the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), unlimited free address changes under your name, access to unique deals and offers related to your relocation including our exclusive access to our Moving Assistance Kit that offers our moving guide along with over $1,000 in coupons, savings, and deals in your area for a one time payment of only $49.95. There are no monthly or ongoing fees with our service. There are no monthly or ongoing fees with our service. For your change of address service, we submit the request as an authorized agent on behalf of our customers seeking to change their address with USPS. Consumers submitting an order through this website represent and warrant that they are the person, executor, guardian, authorized officer, or agent of the person or business for whom mail would be forwarded, under such order. This website is privately owned and not operated or affiliated with the Government or United States Postal Service. The USPS has an independent service where address changes can be made online for a $1.05 fee. All product and company names are the registered trademarks of their respective owners. The use of any trade name or trademark is for identification purposes only and does not imply any association with the trademark holder of their products.
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